Shortcut Keys For Voucher Types in Tally ERP 9

For quick access of voucher screen, Tally gives you short-cut keys for all accounting voucher types like Sales, Purchase, Payment, Receipt and Inventory voucher types like sales order purchase order, rejection in & rejection out vouchers.

Here is the list of Shortcut keyboard for voucher types in Tally

Voucher Type Shortcut Keys
Inventory Vouchers
Sales Order (Alt+F5)
Purchase order (Alt+F4)
Receipt Note (Alt+F9)
Delivery Note (Alt+F8)
Rejection in (Ctrl+F6)
Rejection out (Alt+F6)
Stock Journal (Alt+F7)
Physical Stock voucher (Alt+F10)
Accounting Vouchers
Contra Entry  (F4)
Payment Entry (F5)
Receipt Entry (F6)
Journal Entry (F7)
Sales Entry (F8)
Purchase (F9)
Debit Note (Ctrl+F9)
Credit Note (Ctrl+F8)
Reversing Journal (F10)
Memorandum Voucher (Ctrl+F10)

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